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Welcome to Corn Ranches Inc. | Alberta Corn Seed Sales and Farm Supplies

Located in East Central Alberta, serving producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.  We are providers of the newest and proven corn varieties, planting services, and consulting advice so that you succeed with winter grazing corn and silage corn.

Corn Products

At Corn Ranches, we strive to deliver value in service and quality in product.  Our various suppliers understand that, but our customers determine it - it's just that simple.

At Corn Ranches, we are very proud of our track record, our favorite suppliers, and our friendships that we have gained over the 12 years since Corn Ranches began and 100 years since the family farm did..

Our Services

Our staff are grass roots, rural Canadians, where the value of honesty and hard work days happen all the time.

There are few things better than experiencing good handshakes and smiles.

Yes, it's business here, and it's adding to your  bottom line.

For Sale

  • Corn Seed, forage, soyabean and canola.
  • Related products, supplies, services and contacts to make things happen for you.
  • Consulting for grazing, , and feeding of corn year round .
  • Consulting for crop insurance and government programs
  • A knowledgeable source of hail insurance for all valuable crops.

Contact Us

Our office is staffed with capable and friendly folks.

E-mails, phones, and faxes are all part of every day life now.

Often the aspect of friendly and knowledgeable face to face contact gets overlooked.

Not at Corn Ranches, though.


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"Forty" Variety Research Plot Tour
Monday, August 15, 2016


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